Best Powerlifting Singlets

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In order to compete in a powerlifting competition, you’ll need to wear a singlet. It doesn’t matter if it’s a singlet made for purposes other than powerlifting, they are all pretty much the same. You will be fine with a regular old wrestling singlet.

And unless you are competing in the IPF, you should be fine wearing almost any singlet. But always check your federations rule book to see what’s allowed and what isn’t.

You want the singlet to be form fitting to a degree. Not too tight, but not too loose either. Make sure you check out the manufacturers sizing chart before buying your singlet, you want to get the right fit because you will probably use your singlet for many years, possibly for your entire powerlifting career.

I recommend wearing your singlet to the gym at least once before you compete to ensure that it fits properly and to get a feel for it. If you go to a commercial gym and don’t want to look like a weirdo, just wear shorts/sweats and a shirt over it. Nobody will be able to tell. But nobody is going to care what you wear either way.

What to Wear Under Your Singlet

For the bench press and squat, most federations require you to wear a shirt under your singlet. For deadlifts, men can choose not to wear a shirt, but women must wear a shirt on all three lifts.

What about underwear? Most federations require non-rubberized and non-stretch briefs, aka tighty whities. Some federations don’t care if you wear underwear. Personally, if underwear isn’t required, I don’t wear it. It feels much better without them, and having to pick wedgies out of your ass is the last thing you want to have to worry about at a meet, especially when your hands are covered in chalk.

Always check your federations rule book to ensure you are adequately prepared.

Which Singlets Are Best for Powerlifting?

I recommend playing it safe and getting a basic plain singlet like this one made by ASICS. It has over 150 reviews, 4.5 stars, only $30, and multiple colors to choose from. The red and blue options are actually only $21, so if you like either of those colors, that is probably the best quality singlet you’ll find for the money.

If you plan to compete in powerlifting for many years to come, it might be worth it to invest in an actual powerlifting singlet made by a powerlifting brand such as Inzer or Titan. These are usually going to be IPF approved, and you’ll be directly supporting the powerlifting industry. I have the Titan Classic singlet and can vouch for its quality and fit. Plus it looks awesome!

I’ve seen quite a few people at meets sport Inzer singlets and they actually look pretty good. It’s pretty inexpensive and Inzer is one of the most trusted brands in powerlifting. You can’t go wrong with Titan or Inzer. They make some of the best singlets in powerlifting.

I would also recommend checking out the SlingShot singlet made by Mark Bell. The reviews say it all, and when you buy something made by Mark Bell, you know it’s going to be good.

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